Vanessa Howard

Vanessa Howard

Vanessa Howard

Upon the Marriage of Music and Ministry


She’s clothed in the grandness of His glory, grounded by the adaptability of His grace, at awe by the miracle of his mercy and rooted by the firmness of her faith. Blessings are her birthright, prosperity is within her palms, she sings “Oh Hallelujah” and marvels at the psalms. Wisdom as King Solomon, obedience as Abraham and Noah, strength as Samson, fearlessness as Daniel and Jonah, courage as David – these are the light of her ways. A crown of gold adorns her head, purple and fine linen decorate her wardrobe, she’s heir to a heavenly will – to empower men and women to pursue their divine purpose in a holy fashion by using music infused with ministry.

Vanessa Howard is a passionate vocalist, instrumentalist and minister on a biblically-rooted mission to “set the captives free” – those who are prisoners to the fear of the future or the pain of their past. She is founder and CEO of Vanessa Howard Studio where she mentors and coaches others to excel in the music industry. Armed with a voice which plays the keys of classical music as fingers on a grand piano, this woman of God is garnering souls for the kingdom. As these are dark times, she’s likened to that happy child searching for the light of fireflies in the midst of the night. Yet, she does not run with jar in hand but uses the command of her voice to gather these fire-lit souls. For though we face darkness, we each have light. She’s intersected the gospel with classical sounds to form a mellifluous flow as rich as honey and smooth as silk; as pure as white and light as feather. It’s an airy sound which breathes life into every listener.

We are brought back to Vanessa’s days a toddler where she would cry for the mic– a reflection of her innate love for her craft. She would be placed on a chair to stand and there she would sing to her audience at churches starting at the tender age of 4 years old.. Her audience is real, her supporters many and her fans true. It’s a childhood dream fulfilled.  Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti Vanessa has enjoyed a lifelong love of music. At age seven, she moved to the United States and settled in Brooklyn, New York. Vanessa spent some of her best childhood moments singing gospel music in her community’s churches.

She attended P.S. 288, Mark Twain Junior High School of the Performing Arts, followed by LaGuardia High School of the Performing Arts in New York City where her passion for classical music was nurtured by a talented staff. At 16 years old, she acknowledged her call to be an inspirational musician. Today, Vanessa Howard is a graduate of the University of Valley Forge with a Bachelor’s of Arts in church music. She has the ability to perform in six different languages: French, Creole, German, Italian, Spanish and English. Her mission is to brighten the most far, dark corners of the earth through her music. In 2012, Vanessa was awarded overall finalist in singing and acting in Orlando, Florida at the “Actors, Models and Talent for Christ Shine Summer Showcase”. She is a mother, wife to the Reverend Doctor Manuel A. Howard of Saint John AME Church in Wayne where she is also the Minister of Music. Vanessa is an enthusiastic entrepreneur, a profound public speaker and an empowering evangelist.

Her first album project, “We Celebrate” seasons the holiday season with a reminder that He really is “the reason for the season”. It’s founded on the foundational scripture Isaiah 9:6 (NIV) which states, “For to us a child is born, to us s son is given….” Of her singles are “More Than Enough” and “If I Could”. The former salutes the wholeness of God and proclaims that He is the only one that can fill our cup to a point of overflow. The second is inspired by the traumatic experience Vanessa had with having a son with special needs and also having to become a widow at a tender age. It speaks of our will to fix things on our own and the divine power of God which actually does.

Keeping Christ at the core and root of her musical ministry, Vanessa is holding fast to her mission to teach others, especially young girls to remain steadfast in who they are and more importantly, to remain steadfast in God. Her connection with Him is paramount. To soak in the knowingness of the spirit is the basis of her authentic self… the source of her authentic power. This bold and prophetic leader seeks to save the world one person at a time through a song at a time. The underlying message of her music? To know that after every fall there is a rise, so long as one keeps God by one’s side. Music, though her main weapon of spiritual warfare, is one of the many tools Vanessa wishes to use to teach the word and reach the world. It was the missionary works of her grandmother which taught her evangelism. She is continuing and expanding such a legacy. Yet to be a missionary one must have a mission. Hers is to dominate at the international level, using her voice to voice to gospel of Christ.